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  • Earwax Buildup

    Concerns about earwax (cerumen) buildup or blockage. Questions about earwax removal

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  • Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis)

    Eczema is a chronic dry skin disease with recurrent flare-ups of severe itching.The rash is red and itchy.

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  • Emergency Symptoms Not to Miss

    A list of emergency symptoms that are seen in childhood. If your child develops one of these symptoms, you want to recognize it early on

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  • Eye Allergy

    An allergic reaction of the eyes. Main symptoms are itchy and watery eyes. Sometimes, the eyes can sting or burn.

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  • Eye Foreign Body

    A foreign body (FB) or object becomes stuck in the eye.

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  • Eye Infection - Bacterial

    Bacterial infection of the eye. Main symptom is lots of yellow or green discharge (pus) in the eye.

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  • Eye Infection - Viral

    A viral infection of the eye. The main symptom is a pink or red eye.

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  • Eye Injury

    Injuries to the eye, eyelid, and area around the eye.

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