Due to current corona virus situation we have adopted the following infection control measures:

We are grouping patient appointments which enables us to see sick and well kids at different parts of the day.

Please call us from your car before you come in to the office so we can ensure that your child does not wait among other sick or well patients.

Please leave your drivers license, insurance card, and credit card (for any copays) in the container at the sign in window and go straight to the exam room.

Your child will be evaluated in the exam room and will be discharged from there, we will bring your cards and after visit summary to the exam room. We will also help you schedule your follow up visits from the exam room.

We clean rooms and our equipment after each sick patient.

We will triage patients and will treat conditions over the phone if possible. Your insurance will be billed a phone encounter or video encounter or E-Visit as the case may be. Please refer to our financial policy about patient responsibility.

We recommend only one parent accompany the child for their visits and for parent and the child to wear a mask if they are sick.

Currently we are unable to do the tests fro COVID 19 at our office. Please call the numbers below if you think your child needs to be tested or for more information regarding COVID 19.

*Beaumont hotline for COVID 19 for questions and screenings: 1-800-592-4784.

*Oakland County Help Hotline: 248-858-1000


We need all our family members to have access to MyChart.

Benefits of access includes:

  • Ability to review labs and test results
  • Access and view full medical chart
  • Secure online messaging directly with your Physician and care team
  • Upcoming appointment dates and times.

The staff here at SG Pediatrics are here to help you get your access to MyChart. Please ask anyone of our staff members.

You can go to beaumont.org/my-beaumont-chart and you can sign up for MyChart there or you can download the forms for MyChart under the forms section. You can sign the form and fax or scan it and send via secure email. You can also call our office for 2 MAs to sign as witness for your approval.

Thank you very much for helping us to reach our goal.

SG Pediatrics of Lake Orion.